Tuesday, 30 December 2008


A picture I took on the roof at Richard Purdum Productions. Way back in the mid 80's of a girl whose nickname was Bootz.... I should have had the camera lower so her leg stood out from the white sky. Rather than the buildings behind the boot. Taken on a Yashica-mat twin lens camera, on 120 roll film.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Very old stuff

This dates back to 1975 I was into Jack Davis and Mort Drucker two Mad magazine artist. Mort Drucker did caricatures of the latest films or big TV shows, he was I think one of the greatest. He didn't just draw an actor from one angle in the comic story he had to cover all the angles and still make it look like the people in the films. I loved Jack Davis's dry brush technique too so I tried to combine these in the one drawing; at art school.... Really it was a graphics/advertising coarse that covered so many subjects; like photography, art history, sign writing, graphics and advertising, window display and something called social aspects of distribution! I had to scan this drawing in two sections and combined them in Fireworks. I gave very little thought to perspective back then and just drew it straight on the page and inked it in. Hence the reason McCartney's left foot is squeezed in at the bottom, I would have started on the left and worked across the page. It's taken from a period when the beatles were into themselves and not interested; that's the reason why they're not looking at each other. A happy accident; something else I wouldn't have given much thought about. The idea behind the drawing...

Friday, 22 August 2008